Affiliated Financial Services Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Gerald Mohr, President & CEO of Affiliated Financial Services announces that the lease & loan origination firm celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017. In 2017 Affiliated Financial Services originated $400,870,162 in new equipment transactions and real estate loans. Since its formation in 1993 Affiliated Financial Services and its parent First Affiliated Leasing, Inc. have originated over $3.5 billion in both leases and loans that it has funded with its bank lines and placed with major U.S. and foreign banks, insurance companies and independent finance companies. “Over the past twenty five years we have developed a base of funding sources that is second to none. We continue to refine and add to that base, new sources that compliment the group. This has enabled us to serve the financial community with strong credits and collateral and our borrowers with innovative structures and competitive rates” Mohr reported. For more information on the company please visit their website at